Wednesday, 12 April 2017


When we moved to the North East of Scotland, the Land of the Big Sky, we transformed an ex care home into a 3 star bed and breakfast.  

Should you want to read more....

To the rear of the old farmhouse was an extension.  Which gave us with the original house, seven bedrooms, five ensuite, 3 other bathrooms, dining room, sitting room, library, snug and a quarter acre of land/garden. The b&b consisted of 3 letting bedrooms, all ensuite.  Any more would have made us a guest house, lots more rules and regulations and work for us!

Just the 2 of us.  We won many awards.  For Green Tourism (Gold award).  The first b&b in the area to get the Ancestral Tourism Award, etc.

We ran the b&b for 9 years and loved every minute.

We had space for rescued ducks.

Rescued hens.

Then I became ill.  I had one of the bird flu or swine flu cannot remember which and was subsequently diagnosed with COPD as a result.  So - enough.  I was going to be unable to change beds, clean, cook a 3 course evening meal.  So (eventually) we downsized.

That is when I decided to take up art.  Hadnt really done art since secondary school.  I had been accepted at the local art college, but my Dad said I had to get a 'proper job.'

Wednesday Art Group.  This was a class.  Due to health problems of the teacher it became a group as we all enjoyed being together and doing art.

Well Art has been my lifesaver.  It restores my mental balance, switches off the stress button, makes me happy.

2011 is when I lifted a paintbrush again.  I would recommend art in any way shape or form to anyone.

Art - my life saver.


e said...

Thank you for sharing more about yourself.Your art is beautiful.

Gail, northern California said...

Something so beautiful came to your rescue. And continues.

I've often wondered if painting could be both a curse and a blessing. A blessing when it almost creates itself but a curse when you just can't seem to make it work. Can this be? Perhaps, it's the meditative realm it takes you to, regardless. WellArt is the perfect name.

By the way, I love the stonework in the rescued hens photo.

Love your writing too.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Art rescued me too. Had painted at school, applied to an art college, but parents decided that secretarial school would be more suitable ... painted on and off until the urge just faded away. fast forward to last year (in between I moved several times, changed countries, changed hemispheres, got married, had children, moved again) Last year was an incredibly rubbish one which culminated in me being signed off sick due to stress and me using that time to hand my notice in and walk away from a job I had really wanted. Picking up the paintbrush prevented me from doing a far darker thing to myself.
Keep painting - it keeps you alive x

Sue in Suffolk said...

Did art for 5 years, passed art O level, can't draw a thing!

I just love all your paintings - hope things are getting sorted for the open studios

The Weaver of Grass said...

.I adore that hare.