Friday, 28 April 2017


Beautiful weather.

So down to the Esplanade and I walked the .59.  No problems, no pain.  Lots of chats with fellow walkers.  Mentally great feelings.

A wee boat returning to the harbour.

The Gull Gang were way out at sea as it was high tide.

I came home and our lovely gardeners were giving the Leylandii hedge a short back and sides.  Then followed a discussion..... The border on the left of  the patio is crammed and burgeoning with Bishop weed as they call it up here aka Ground Elder.  So decision was to lift all the plants I want to keep, and dig the whole bed up and get rid of the dreaded weed.


There was also discussion on extending the paving at the rear of the house to make it more rat unfriendly and people friendly.  Agreed.

Then I became rather maudlin.  I want some sort of equipment to make my garden more disability friendly.  I want to get in there and weed, and plant, and prepare for seed scattering.  So have any of you got any suggestions for me.  I have got over the breathless but struggle with bending (and getting back up again).  Twisting is a no no.  There must be some aid for me?  Help. I need to have something to sit on at a low level, hoik myself back up again.  Help.  Please.


Chris Elliot said...

I think raised beds are the way to go. I haven't tried that but I'm sure others will have experience with them.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jill, I'm glad you've got over the breathless, I'll be interested to know how you did that, as I too get breathless.
One suggestion I have to be able to do some gardening work is to get something like your chariot, but one that has a seat. Just an idea that may work.

Joan (Wales)

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Don't be maudlin, you are looking forward to gardening, the weather is getting warmer. How about raised planters? Then you can sit in comfort and weed and plant. If you google garden tools - Peta Easi-grip, they have a good selection, the RHS website has good advice on planters and tools. Good time of the year to be inspired!

Gail, northern California said...

So sad for you.

Perhaps, raised flower beds and a trolley affair for you to sit on so that you're not having to get up and down. You would pull yourself from side to side, one end to the other.

Sorry, I'm not much help.

Patricia said...

I loved gardening before becoming disabled so what to do, as previous letters say we bought a few high flower troughs so I could work on them standing up. My husband also built two higher boxes which did not look so good to go in the vegetable garden which enabled me to carry on growing plants. We have moved now and the back garden is very small with a low raised bed which I can manage by sitting on my walker again with a few raised flower troughs. Best of luck with whatever decision you make.