Friday, 21 April 2017

Not particularly a good Friday.

Very windy.  30 mph gusts.  No way was I walking.

So - bit of painting.

Two begun, almost makes you want to pack in at this stage !

The Ram and Puffin are done.  

I am now fed up of small paintings and planning something completely different.

When I get fed up I birdwatch.

New visitors to the feeding station - a pair of Jackdaws.

Report on the back.  I am now completely pain free.  Just very stiff in a morning til I get moving.  
And of course the buttock clenching, the tummy flattening ?  

After 4 kids including a section, no way.  

I have an appointment for the end of May for Bone Density Measurement.  Quite what happens after this I am unsure and to be honest I really dont want to know.  

I do not like being old and having bits drop off, seize up. stop working.  

I shall try very hard to be grateful for the bits that do work. 

Oh forgot, I have one bionic eye.  20/20 vision and ok to drive, thank goodness.

I have been waiting for 6 months for the call up for the other one to have the cataract  be sorted.  But then that would not have been easy lying flat with a fractured spine.  Hey ho.

Onwards and upwards. Saturday tomorrow !!


crafty cat corner said...

Oh I know all about the getting old bit, I'm fed up with it as well. Nobody tells you what it is going to be like do they?
We are both so stiff and walking seems to make things worse, but like you say, let's be grateful for the bits that work. lol
Tom has a cataract but he has to wait a bit longer to be referred, what with that and his deafness, I think he needs a head transplant, lol
Have a good weekend and lets hope the weather is a bit kinder for you.

justjill said...

Thanks Briony. I have hearing aids too !! Walking does help me. Always have to think positive. xxx

Chris Elliot said...

Love the ram and puffin. Are they for sale.

e said...

You're still breathing, that's the important bit. Hopefully, tomorrow may be better.