Saturday, 22 April 2017

We live in hope.

This is my preview of my entry into the NEOS catalogue this year.  NEOS (North East Open Studios) commences on September 10th.  Hope the joiners get their act together.  So far not doing so.  Sat in for two hours today waiting for one lot.  And the other still has not provided me with a quote for the interior of the shedudio.

Jill Chandler

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t: 01346 531103

About Artist

My favourite media is watercolour. Closely followed by pen and ink. My subjects are often sea birds, together with the other birds and beasts of Buchan. I hope my work has a humorous slant and visitors enjoy seeing my work as much as I enjoyed the painting.

Thats my entry followed by dates open and times.  
Opening Times
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Gail, northern California said...

The waiting would drive me insane, without even the courtesy of a phone call
with apologies, or an explanation. Grrrrrrrrrr!

I think you can relate to Nick Hoppe's column in last Tuesday's San Francisco Chronicle.
click here:

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Good luck with the workmen, it can be extremely frustrating.

e said...

That is the most annoying thing about builders. Congratulations again on the exhibition. I hope all goes well.