Thursday, 13 April 2017

Hotch potch .

The fence is finished.  Looking good.  

Have considered solar powered fairly lights along the top.  We have no street lights out here, although our neighbours security lights (are a flaming nuisance)  do their bit.  The damage was done in the dark, we think.

Our two gardeners/handymen are back in the morning to carry on painting the exterior of the shedudio.  Photo to follow, I forgot.

The joiner, who has already cancelled one appointment, is due tomorrow afternoon to quote for the internal transformation.

This plant I named as a Rogersii, although the DP now says its something else.  (Jessica?)

It was on the tlc area of the garden centre, as in give me some before I die.  This was when we were at Greenbrae and had a huge garden, and this is a huge plant.  It spread so we were able to bring two 'babies' with us.  As you can see they flourished.  If you look closely you can see the dark red beginnings of the spikes it sends up.  Over 6 feet high but an insignificant flower.  

I have done little today apart from a wee bit of painting.  Finished off the Grey Heron.

Ploughing the field at the back of us.  I didnt walk today, so it was nice to see the Gulls.  There are usually Buzzards in there too worm hunting.

No walk today as I recognised the signs of a chest infection this morning. Havent had one since before Christmas which is the longest I have gone without for years.  Stopping smoking has helped but - theres always one germ waiting to zap you.  Fortunately I have antibiotics in always so can try and zap back quickly.  And guess who has a Ladies who Lunch tomorrow......


Gail, northern California said...

Hope you've nipped the chest infection in the bud, and can join the Ladies Who Lunch bunch tomorrow.

Happy to see your Grey Heron got the branch his toothpick legs needed.

rusty duck said...

Apologies, I am hopelessly behind with everything. Blog reading included. Try googling Rheum palmatum (Chinese rhubarb). The leaves look about right and it is a big plant.