Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wednesday witterings.

The Dawn Patroller receives text messages on his mobile of rare birds appearing in our area.  Today we had a stork, crane, nuthatch reported.  So that was him gone for the rest of the day.  Did he see them?  NO.  I am fast becoming a grass widow, or should I say bird widow.

This is the Stork he didnt see.

I did my walk.

One man and his dog.

Masses of sea birds.

Just love all the different attitudes.

Did not do the full .59 walk as I had to go for my physio.

I was put through the exercises I had been doing for a month.  Lie with knees bent and then move the knees to one side and another. Tick.

Standing, move arms as far left then right til it hurts. Tick.  

She then asked me to stand and then bend forward as far as I could, so I did that and had hands on the floor.  Didnt even know I could do that.  

But then we came to the tests for bum muscles.  Apparently I havent got any.  So why I dont fall off a chair I know not.  I now have to clench the buttocks 12 times once a day.

Also no muscles, core muscles in my abdomen.  Excuse me I have had four children including a section.  So what do you expect.  I did my pelvic floor exercises diligently so I do not pee myself.

Right.  I have to - without using chest or upper tummy muscles (where are they?) draw the lower tummy in and feel a small bit of activity.  What?  Tape worm wriggling?  

I shall do these exercises diligently as the previous ones do appear to be working.

To end the Wednesday Witterings, I think Sith has gone deaf.  Havent we all.

Trying to get a photo of him I was calling.  Explains a lot.  Hey ho.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Aren't cats permanently deaf unless there is food in the offing?

kjsutcliffe artist said...

A cat among the birds.... nice one Sith. I cant touch my toes, well done you!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Had to smile at your exercises - do hope there is "activity". As young physio lady said last time I went - they only work if you do them!
Hands on floor! Blimey that's amazing.
Must clench buttocks, must clench buttocks, must clench buttocks

crafty cat corner said...

All cats have selective hearing, I know mine have,they seen to hear a tap on a saucer from a mile away though, lol