Monday, 17 April 2017

Mixed Monday.

This could become boring but as the weather was against me for a walk, sleety rain just as I was about to set off, so more sorting of the shedudio.

I got a new chair!  The old one was given to me by a friend,,,,. Despite numerous cushions it did not give any support to the damaged back. So-

It is very like the one I bought for working on the computer in the house, which is black and does not have arms.  Both came from Argos.   The only 'fault' with them is that when I throw myself onto either I shoot backwards!  Which to be honest is quite good fun.   

They have a curved back so support the spine better.

The chest of drawers.  Well, like an old friend, I cannot get rid of it.  There are many gouges, (hope its not ivory round the keyholes), but I love it.  So no matter what it is staying.  

I moved and bubble wrapped the framed paintings which were on the top.
Discovered the stereo !  Have yet to check whether it still works, no reason why not.  So you visit my studio and in the background peaceful music.  Ahhhhh.

I moved the small IKEA drawers onto the shelf/seat below the windows.  These contain very important things like ribbons, hooks, plant labels, seeds, sewing stuff - I do still have a sewing machine, stored underneath the shelf/seat at the other side of the shedudio.

I also watched the birds.  On the ground here are Chaffinch, male and female and Goldfinches.  Lots of activity in our garden.  Tree Sparrows nesting.  Their nest box unfortunately blew off a couple of days ago.  The DP put another one up for them and they are back in building a nest.  We think the Blue Tits are nested and brooding as we only see one at a time who selects a seed and flies off.  This will be for him/her .  Despite warnings about feeding peanuts we now know from experience of watching that once the babies are hatched the parents seek grubs etc for their babies and grab a peanut or whatever for themselves and to boost their energy levels.  So please do not stop feeding your birds in the garden.

As I have been feeling better re the back and the chest infection got nipped in the bud I have sent off for this offer in our local newspaper. 72 perennial plants for £19.99p.  Amazing. All the ones I want.  They come in plugs.  Over the moon with this offer.  Just hope the back will bend and whatever I can find to make it work to get these into the ground.


Gail, northern California said...

That gorgeous chest of drawers (solid wood no doubt---mahogany? walnut? cherry?) leaves me breathless
every time I see it in any of your shedudio photos. If it stood there empty, that would be fine with me. It's a work of art.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Gardening here is on hold at the moment, my knee is pretending it can't flex or bend. In fact my knee feels like it is holding its breath and has puffed up cheeks! So I've been relegated to hoeing the weeds or drinking tea in the greenhouse!

e said...

That chest is beautiful and I'm glad you re-discovered your stereo. More music is never a bad thing.