Sunday, 23 April 2017

Trying to slow down.

The DP having gone off on one of his bird watching jaunts AGAIN and so early I had to make my own breakfast.  Realised I need to ease the back into being upright .  Convinced I was given the chariot by Occupational Health to SLOW ME DOWN.  It is just in my nature to charge about!  Back agony as swiftly hit me.

I went for a walk later but very short one.  Very painful.  Why did I not take painkillers before?  Because I am stupid.  Hey ho.

Back home and down the shedudio.  

Ah good news I finally got a quote from the joiner who is to transform the interior.  Quite acceptable.  He is to phone me at the end of the week as to when he can do it.  So still a bit of holding breath.

I have begun to play about with Brusho.  A new facet to the watercolour products.

These sad Leverets were totally swamped with my attempt to use Brusho.  I had to be able to sprinkle them - lightly.  One can purchase lids with holes to enable sprinkling but I hadnt got them and didnt want to wait - charging about again.

So I came up with an idea - and it worked.

Brusho.  This is what you get and the lid is way too tough to put small holes into it.

So this is what I did after some - slow - thought.
Remove lid. Add kitchen foil, snip to fit, fasten with sellotape, prick with tooth pick.


The bottom of the paper shows the different colours, gently sprinkled,  tho you can mix them or whatever you want.  But I now have more control.  It works slowing down does. ....Thinking.  

In between doing this, which took some time.... I watched the birds.

Goldfinches.  Above.

And below.  We do have a lot!

Male Siskin.

Two male Siskin and male Lesser Redpoll.

Female Siskin.

When the birds suddenly disappear this has appeared.  To be fair I only have to make it disappear too after two goes.  I then rammed a bit of our last Christmas's tree in the hole. Which gave me a lot of satisfaction but set me back off again.

Must slow down.