Saturday, 15 April 2017


Feeling much better.  Can do a little more moving as the back eases.  Also I seem to have caught the chest infection in time.  Although I have to confess to an hour in bed this afternoon.

But then it was on with the sorting of the shedudio.

The back wall and 3 side panels are the only bits that are to the floor.  Apart from where the sink is, but the joiner says he can pull the sink unit out and clad there too.  So much more usable hanging of picture space.  

There will be insulation and then mdf panels fitted.  Then I have to (paint the mdf, well someone has to) and purchase specialist hanging equipment, so making it unnecessary to bang holes in the new walls.

So today I have packed up my mugs.

Here is one.

Written myself a list.... The large drawers I am still undecided about as it provides so much storage.  But if I move, or the DP moves them and the smaller shelf unit to the middle of the room, the joiner says he can work then.  I was concerned about the dust from the sawing etc.  But he said he would be done in 1 and 1/2 days.  So I think I can manage not being in the shedudio for that long.  The DP can go in and vac up dust and hopefully wipe down too.  I have read somewhere that sawing mdf is worse for dust than wood.  Could be wrong.

Looking outside I am praying my back gets even better so I can get some pottering about with pots.  I look around at what is now bursting forth and think I planted all this.  Would that I could still do that.

Be even more phew!


Terra Hangen said...

It is fun to do some pottering with pots, that phrase makes me smile. I have lots of potted plants too, on my patio, plus when I want shrubs planted my sons do the planting, it is too hard for me.

e said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that the work will commence. I hope all turns out to your liking.