Saturday, 8 April 2017

Superwoman and Supergran.

We have our eldest daughter visiting, aka as Superwoman in training.

On Wednesday she became Joint winner of the Philip Abrams Memorial prize for best first sole authored book in sociology. 
(See previous post.)  That was in Manchester, she returned to Edinburgh on Thursday.  All done with the newest grandchild.....Train journeys, the presentation, et al.  Amazing.

Friday she drove up from Edinburgh with her three children.  Our first meeting of C who was born in January.

Here they all are having their tea.  The DP cooked 3 different teas.  Steak for me, fishfingers for 2 older boys, puff pastry vegetarian pizza for himself and eldest daughter. He had nothing to do with C who has breast milk.

Last night I became Super Gran the Baby whisperer.

After a crying jag while Supermum was totally shattered I found I still had the knack (altho it took me having four babies before I perfected it.)

One asleep baby.

So the beach and play area have been done today, without me.  Lunch at the Dunes  with me and Willows without me.

I have to be honest - I get tired.  I am old.  I need my walk and commune with the sea.  So this afternoon while they looked at rescued animals I did my .59 in glorious weather.

Did some painting.

So later I could offer respite to Supermum and be Supergran the Baby Whisperer.


e said...

A lovely family time and the little one is adorable!

BadPenny said...

Congratulations to your daughter. I like the idea of baby whisperer - lovely.

Emmbee said...

Congratulations from one Supergran to another. Congratulations to Supermum as well. NOTHING is easy with a small baby, then add two older children while she writes a book. Brilliant!

The Weaver of Grass said...

As someone once said to me - God knew what he was doing when he decreed that women had to be young to have babies. I can imagine you will be pretty wrung out when they go home, although it will have been worth it to see them all.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Well done your eldest - brave lady!
Baby C looks lovely and comfy with you.

Chris Elliot said...

Handsome grandsons! How are they taking to the baby?