Thursday, 27 April 2017

1-0 nil to me. And other things than rats.

Everything in the bird feeders was coated with Cayenne Pepper.  Sunflower hearts above. Bird seed to the left and Peanuts further left.  As the birds feed they break up the contents which fall to the ground and that is what the ground feeding birds vacuum up.  As does Samuel Whiskers, Samantha and all the little Sams.

At first the birds were a wee bit perplexed as to everything being red.  I was on the point of putting some untreated seed in on top.  But the birds soon got feeding.

Then came Samuel Whiskers.  He scoured the ground but everything that fell had the dreaded Cayenne on it.

He looked up at the Fat Ball Feeder. Empty.

So he went up the tree to inspect the feeders. Never seen him do this before so matters were desperate !

At this point Dad showed infant how to dig up grass to find a stray seed.  

Without success.  One pissed off rat.

(There's plenty seed in the field behind.)

Tomorrow its a paste of Cayenne liberally applied to the entrance to under the shedudio.  And other rat runs.

So today 1-nil to me.  

I am still sorting out the interior of the shedudio.  More Mounted Pictures labelled, priced and sorted into the browsers.

One browser to go.  Plan of action for shifting everything else in readiness for the Joiner.  

My back has been playing up.  But at last the weather forecast seems good and I hope for a good back loosening walk tomorrow.  

Who dreams of living in the country?!


Mike said...

I bet the farmer has the seed that was planted in the field covered in cayenne pepper.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Husband impressed at size of your rat!! It looks like the cayenne pepper is certainly having an effect - as long as he doesn't get a taste for it :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say that rat is almost loveable!