Thursday, 20 April 2017


Its a good job we are not 'precious' about our lawn.

Whilst having our evening meal we watched the construction of these mole hills.  Never did see the perpetrator of course!  And all will be gathered up and put in a pot for some plant or another.

I did the .59 despite the strong wind.  Which nearly did blow me over.  Me and the chariot went in a direction I had never thought of or intended - sideways.

Towards the end of the video you can see where I get blown.

Otherwise it was warm, 17 degrees.

A deserted beach.  

The DP finally got to see the Stork.

For which I am truly grateful.  Hope to see more of him, until the next rare bird appears on his phone.  I dread the pings.

Still clenching the buttock

Tomorrow I move on to drawing the lower tummy in.  

It says, "if you are struggling you can visualise you are trying to pull two bony bits/fingertips close together (what?!)

 OR like you are tying the top button on your jeans.  "  

Well who doesnt remember that !!


Chris Elliot said...

You are very clever to be able to upload a video to your blog. Mine won't even accept photos! It's 6C here and raining (at least it isn't snow),so be thankful and enjoy your nice weather.

BadPenny said...

Moles do provide us with amazing scoops of well turned over soil ! Good luck with your exercises x