Saturday, 29 April 2017

One always needs a plan.

Windy again.  So no walk.  The same tomorrow but I may well go out and battle it. Walking also helps my mental state.  

This morning I decided to do the lying down exercises for my back before getting up.  This involves two exercises you have to do 3 times then rest and repeat 12 times (times 2 exercises.)  I only have 10 fingers and quickly lost count of where I was.  Plus the bent legs from side to side 10 times. Well thats easy I have 10 fingers.  All I know is when I eventually arose it was with some difficulty and I was almost too tired to eat my breakfast.  And I had to make it myself as the DP was out Dawn Patrolling.

I had a bath, perched on the bath shelf.  No luxuriating there. Or dignity.  

Dressed and ready to face the world.  

After lunch I went back to bed......Not planned.

Then it was down to the shedudio.

Leverets taking a while to come together.  Practising with Brusho.  A paint which explodes when it has water on.  Soon to be added to the baby hares a paint with bits in which should make them look more as if they have fur .....Experimenting.  Thats the plan.

It takes Allsorts to be painted by me.

On my way back up to the house from the shedudio I took some time to gaze on the garden.

Ah - those were the days when I planted over a 100 mixed spring flowering bulbs.

The bed to the left of the patio, which does have some stunning plants in, but smothered with the dreaded Bishops Weed.  Ground Elder.  See below.

All to be scopped out and cleansed of the dreaded Ground Elder and then the nice plants put back.  So I am assured.  That is the plan. But as most of them have yet to make an appearance, the nice plants that is, I very much doubt it.  But needs must.  The bush is a Box.  Expensive.  Hope it survives.  There was a plan for me to clip it into a shape.....Some years back.

So far this bed which is at the side of the house is doing fine with no Ground Elder.  Still needing attention, weeding for a start and some pruning.  That's the plan.

The rear of the house.  Log pile removed.  Round the other side now.  The random slab in the middle of the grass is the Septic Tank inspection of drain to..  So has to remain/ be accessible.  Paving to be extended here and made to look pretty.  Well there you go.  There used to be a coal bunker where the chopped up concrete is.  Also a dog run,  Hence the discarded gates.  

Lots of plans.

Today had its triumphs however.

See the Pink Horn/Tooter?  Ah well, as I was leaving the shedudio this afternoon there was Samuel Whiskers totally ignoring me.  Bold as brass.  So I tooted the hooter.  Ever seen a rat go into orbit?  I hadn't planned that  but it was very satisfying.


The Weaver of Grass said...

The dreaded ground elder - the only worse weed I think is Mare's tail and that apparently is in the rockery where I am going.

crafty cat corner said...

I remember we had couch grass on our allotment, it took some digging to get those roots out I can tell you.
Looking forward to seeing the leverets finished.