Sunday, 31 July 2011

Almost back to normal.

Daughter and grandson returned to Edinburgh this afternoon.
Perhaps as well as the weather has returned to rain and cold....

First a morning visit to see some big ships. Fraserburgh Harbour above.
Cairnbulg Harbour below.

Only Mike got to see the deer this morning.

Below is sea rocket, which grows in abundance at St.Combs, and no doubt elsewhere but thats where the picture was taken the other day.

Think this is an ox eye daisy, growing wild around here.

And thanks to the birds for planting this one in our garden.

Having had considerable experience of this plant over the years, I doubt it will supplement my pension. And I could never see what all the fuss was about when I tried it many years ago. I wonder if anyone has tried to make wine from the leaves? Hmm. There is no way it will flower outside, and I haven't a green house as yet, and I dont fancy being arrested. So its heading for the compost bin.

Right. Beds stripped and in the washing machine. Towels already done. Toys ready to go back into storage and the cats have moved back into the house. (How do they know the small person has gone? The toys are all still in the house, admittedly lined up by the door..)

I shall be back up the ladder again tomorrow, back in or out of the Summer House, weather will decide.

Then it will be back to normal. The wine glass calls. Cheers.


Lynn said...

Blimey - you got me confused then - I have tons and tons of oxe eye and shasta daisies and derivatives and thought you were talking about that with regards to arrests - I sat here thinking why am I going to be arrested for me daisies? LOL Pay attention to Jill, Lynn :)

Lynn said...

The cats know the little person has gone cos they no longer have to share the yellow and red bubble car? Which is why they go off in a huff?

Jill said...

No - Just one sighting of yellow and red car they pack their suitcases.

Lynn said...

I know how they feel - Alex had one - big and cumbersome and make bruises on yer ankles and he loved it! Kept him quiet for ages though :)