Monday, 18 July 2011

Here I go again.....

Yes I am well aware I have not finished painting the Summer House, or the Hall, stairs and landing.
But when B&Q offer you 20% off paper and paint if you spend £30, whats a girl to do.
Buy the paint needed to finish off the summer house and paper and paint for the bedroom.
Not actually there in person but at the other end of the phone with Mike in B&Q, I heard the discussion on selecting the paint. B&Q have a computer which scans in the colour, in this instance the background of the wallpaper, and then tells you which paint colour to purchase.

"Pooo thats not right is it? Nothing like."
Then they (numerous staff and Mike) go and look at colour charts. Oh no.... Notorious for being inaccurate.
Now if the computer had got it wrong I could have taken the paint back and changed it. But I can't take this paint back that Tom, Dick, Harry and Mike chose, can I? And it isnt right, but it will have to do.

Good job we have two step ladders.

The paper will be going on the bed head alcove. The walls are currently a sandy beach colour. Much deeper yellow than this picture shows.

And how do I know the paint colour is not quite right? Well I cannot resist a new can of paint. Open me, use me, use me, it calls to me. So I did a bit. It doesnt scream at you as being wrong, but I will always wonder if the computer was right.

I daren't look to see what the next B&Q voucher is for though there have been mutterings from M that the main light in the kitchen, which is also a fan, 'hums'. "Needs replacing." So long as it doesn't involve me up a ladder with a paint brush just go for it. But it will - because no two light fittings are the same. There is bound to be an area that needs re-painting, which leads on to the whole celing having to be 'refreshed'. Here I go again.

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