Thursday, 28 July 2011


The field of barley at the rear of our house, this morning.

A cow on the top of the hill. I can just imagine it rolling down, its thinking about it!

And ducks just waking up. You should be able to see the morning mist too.

Also up bright and early I FINISHED the bedroom. Yay.

Minerva McGonagall sitting on my dressing gown, not exactly Ideal Home, but then.

Not just one achievement today. This is my second orchid I have managed to regenerate. Theres more! I have two more sending up shoots. It isnt really anything to do with me to be honest. It is the position they are in now we have moved. Its the kitchen window which faces North West, so no direct sunlight, but bright. And they obviously love it. I do feed them when they begin to grow. My problem has been sourcing pots to pot them on into. I am not sure whether I can just put them into any old pot, as they come in tall opaque efforts. I have managed to find a couple at the garden centre but they have none left .

My latest acquisition is in such a tiny pot if there was a cruelty to plant society I would be calling them in. Its just roots in a pot. I am reluctant to do anything to it until it has stopped flowering but will then give it a new bed of orchid compost and cross my fingers.

I am itching to get sewing again. The cushions in the sitting room have been as below for too long and are ready for a change. Well, go on then, I am ready for a change.

The footstool below was found in our previous home in the loft. Just a piece of wood on four legs. I put on some padding and covered it. This is its second covering and I have tons of this material, which I love as it is so unusual. (Thanks Marina!)

So a makeover of cushions beckons.

Then I still have to finish the Summer House. We had that lovely day yesterday which I didnt see much of being stuck in the hairdressers and then a shop. Today its gone back to rain.

Ah well tomorrow is another morning.


bad penny said...

Is that cow real ?!
I love that footstool material - so pretty.

Jill said...

Its real ok, but whether cow or bull unsure. Its big tho isnt it!