Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rambling rose.

Unsure as to what this is, other than it is a rose. Absolutely smothered in buds. The roses growing wild round here are all in bloom. I had thought this was one that had 'grown itself', and was therefore a wild one. It is tucked away by the leylandii we left growing. We will just have to wait till it flowers and then try to identify it. Gardens can always spring a surprise on you.

To get the full picture (oh dear another pun) you need to hit on this picture. Its a baby robin. Being way too friendly and tame. Two cats lay sprawled on the ground just a leap away.

This one continues to master his tree climbing skills.

In a different tree on Mikes walk this morning was a chiff chaff.

A moorhen and its chick.

A young oyster catcher.

And yet another deer.

We are totally gob smacked at the amount and variety of wild life hereabouts. We really should be doing bed and breakfast again! No-o-ooooo!

A pair of pheasants visited our bird feeding station this afternoon. Quite unphased by the cats they did a runner when I appeared with camera...... We have identified three different male pheasants visiting and now one has brought his girlfriend.

Update on the shed front. Back and sides all done too. Roof awaiting me to get up and be a rambling rose across the roof.

But before I go -

A Spotted Flycatcher. Nyaaa!

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