Monday, 1 August 2011

If it doesnt work - kick it.

No hot water this morning. ? Checked everything we could. Fuses, reset buttons, some things we weren't sure we should prod got prodded. Still nothing. So I kicked the boiler in my frustration. We now have hot water.

I went for a walk round the garden.

The rambling rose is not very impressive even though its buds are opening. And unless it is an evening emitter of smells, it doesnt.

Still, it brightens up a dark corner.

The borage flowers are such a lovely blue. I dont think I have ever had a Pimms, but these would be floated on top.

This one does smell.

Suddenly a load of Mallow flowers have appeared in the border by the Summer House. So far there has been something flowering since we arrived here. They do say you should live with a garden for twelve months before doing anything. And they are right.

These are some I grew from seed in the trough. Night Scented Stock. For a small, insignificant plant they pack a big punch of scent, particularly in the evening. They are just below the opening window of the Summer House, and their scent wafts in if the window is open.

The white Buddlea we were given as a house warming gift. Still in its pot.

It will join the other two wee ones once we enlarge the bed.

Even thought still small this Buddlea has bravely flowered.

Marigold, again grown from seed.

A solitary Petunia donated by friend 'I love Lucy.' A bit loud. Both flower and donor!

Feeling my age today.... A weekend of an energetic grand son!

The weather has been 'heavy' warm, humid, spot of rain but not much, the washings out on the line anyway. The 'heaviness' makes it a struggle for me to take enough of a breath to actually do anything physical. So no ladder for me today.

Just worried someone is going to kick me.

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Lynn said...

What you need is a Pimms - purely medicinal of course! You can get them in a can ready mixed by the mixed tins of gin and tonics -nice icy cold. An acquired taste - my American sister in law says they taste like cough mixture - almost makes me want to emigrate & have a cough - LOL. Take care and have a slow couple of days - children are tiring- you need magazines & a bottle and a wee while to plan :)