Saturday, 9 July 2011

Who turned the lights out?

It doesn't get dark here at night. Not in the Summer. But when the Har (sea mist) comes rolling in it gets much darker.

Here it comes, rolling across the field.

Blanking out the view.

And worrying the felines.

But in the morning after, very early morning, it becomes quite magical.

The moisture from the mist dresses up the spider's crafting.

And then the Har disappears.


The Har took quite a while to disappear. Rain followed. But after lunch out came the sun. Very little wind so with all the wetness it became quite humid. Not something we are used to in the North East of Scotland.

It was quite an effort to put in a couple of hours with the paint brush, but I did it.

I hope you can see from this picture that the two colours, inside and out, complement each other.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is good. If correct (ho ho) outside and up a ladder to do the remaining two outside walls.

Hope your lights keep shining.

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