Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Is it bed time?

Two strips to do and two more wardrobe doors. Then its finished.

While I was battling with the wallpaper Mike was constructing compost bins. With a little help.

I do worry about this little chap as he is so tame. Interesting to watch his feathers getting redder.

When we had both stopped work we set up the water feature. Not in its permanent position, as yet to be decided, but so we could see if it works. No sun today but promised tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Our friends are returning home today. We had to phone them to warn them not to fall over the cat bowls just inside the door that Mike had used, putting food through the cat flap.

Only to be told there was a spare set of keys and where they were hidden!!!

I havent laughed so much in a long time. Mike's face was a picture. He had only said to me he was glad the door could not be seen from the main road as he felt such a fool talking to a door, "Here is your breakfast boys."

Thank goodness its bed time.


Making It Vintage said...

I love your wallpaper, wish I didn't find wallpapering such a chore, we usually just use emulsion........time for a change maybe!

lily x

Lynn said...

Oh this did make me laugh. Can you imagine ...... Mike on his hands and knees saying that - priceless! That is something I shall remember when I doing physio tomorrow!!
Like that water feature a lot. Got even on the £75,000 bottle of wine - mine £3.49!!!!!!!

Lynn said...

So how did you stick the wallpaper and how will you stop the edges going tatty? I fancy doing this to the doors in my room - the ones on the cupboard over the stairs.
PS the word verification is "sware" (swear??) how tempting is that?

Jill said...

I had a far worse one than that it had these letteres in
f -c - k u only they werent as jumbled up!

This was paste the wall wallpaper. So first I emulsioned the door. Once dry I pasted it and stuck on the paper. Seemple. Also very fortunate that the doors were the exact width of the paper.
Some web sites say put beading on after, to keep edges down. I havent and its still on.