Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Days of Wine and Roses.

I have just realised/remembered that one of the reasons I steered clear of buying roses was the greenfly. (The mystery of pruning and cruel thorns were other reasons.) But my roses do not have greenfly. Now why is that? I inherited the odd rose plant at our previous house and they were always smothered. I havent seen any ladybirds here either.
I do not know what any of the roses in the garden are called.
I shall have to see if the library has a rose identification book. My friend has one called William Shakespeare, imagine that. "Goood morning Will, how be you this day?"!

Many years ago a yellow rose would be a Peace rose, but there are so many now, although this one does have a scent. Which many today do not.

This one I think of , apologies in advance, a real tart! Blowsy, a bit tatty round the edges, and brash.

Out in the wilds of Buchan. A Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. On a Thistle.

Great Black Backed Gull in flight with Herring Gull. (Stood on a whale - no - not really.)

A mystery plant. Mike will go back and see what it is like when it flowers properly.

It is living on the Formartine and Buchan Railway Line. This hasnt been a railway for many years, since Beeching did his transformation of the railway in Britain. But it has been retained and is a cycle path/walkway and is well used by many. We can access it just up the road here and can go to Fraserburgh in one direction or our friends in the other. I dont know why I said 'we', as I dont walk/cycle anywhere!

A Meadow Pipit gathers his breakfast.

The Daily Deer.

Today has been another lovely weather day. Blue skies, sun and a gentle breeze. The washing line is full. Plenty to do outside but as that is where I have been for a number of days I really had to become Mrs Mop today. Beds changed, bathrooms bottomed, cant wait to get rid of the carpets - one half of the house is zipped through, the half that has hard flooring, the other half is b***** hard work vacuuming carpets that cats have walked on, dropped hair on and possibly fleas, plus me rushing in from the garden to answer the phone, go to the loo (bathrooms with carpets yeuk.) Our application for a building warrant from the Council was published in the paper today, for our patio door, so it shouldnt be long now. Must chase up the electrician. I need him to come and move a plug where the patio door will be, and move some around upstairs. Unbelievable that there is no plug socket near either of the bed heads in the two bedrooms upstairs, and no, there is no choice as to where you put the beds due to the combed ceilings (sloping). Presumably no one has ever felt the need to read in bed. Shock, horror!

So as this is a day of wine and roses I will open the bottle. Cheers.

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Lynn said...

It's when the rose answers back you have to worry :)