Saturday, 2 July 2011

Its such a perfect day.

Another side done. And such a perfect day. Am I as old as Leonard Cohen? He is certainly of my era!

I still have to do the rear and the other side. The rear has huge pots inside planter boxes which are not doing very well. The honeysuckle in one and the clematis in the other need scopping out and replanting into the garden by the fence. I just havent the strength to lift them out. So could not do any painting on the rear of the 'shed', and the other side of the shed has piled up bits of fencing we removed on our arrival, so stymied there also.
Then I looked up at the sky, looked at the trees, blue sky up above and no wind. Mike had gone off to bird watch towards Aberdeen where there had been reported some unusual bird for around here, I had the rest of the afternoon to do just what I wanted.

Joined by Sith sitting in the Lady's Mantle.

We both then admired the view. And decided to open a bottle of wine (tho I didnt give him any) and just sit and soak up the sunshine.

We do not often get sunshine together with no wind in the North East of Scotland and I thought, What the hell, enjoy. So I did and it was wonderful. From my vantage point I viewed different areas of the garden and, really sad this, but never without a notebook and pen, jotted down stuff to do. Clip holly bushes (2) resurrect shrub showing signs of life after being swamped by said holly bushes. Trim Lady's Mantle to stop self seeding and taking over. Plant more herb seeds. Pot on chilli peppers grown from seed, put up the nest boxes wherein wasps nested elsewhere, more enticing to birds. But I did relax, I had a cd on in the Summer House (shed) which we bought in Brittany some years back which put me more in the holiday mood!

Mallard chicks enjoying July in Scotland.

A juvenile Woodpecker also enjoying the Summer in the Land of the Big Sky.

Hope the sun is shining on you.

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