Saturday, 23 July 2011

Its Summer Time....

You could have fooled me. Howling wind. Spitty rain.
And I remembered one other reason why I didnt use a paint roller. The paint tray fell off the ladder.

Fortunately the carpet was on its way to the tip anyway.
So far we have managed to get about a third of the carpet up, plus the obnoxious gripper rods. And the underlay and the staples. A very well fitted carpet.

These pictures give you an idea of the wind blowing the clouds around.

Reflection of the setting sun, strangely the sun was setting in the opposite direction to these clouds. I never get bored from sky watching and seeing what Nature has thought up.

I escaped today. I met a friend for coffee at our local garden centre, 'The Largest Garden Centre in the North East'. Its name is, 'Happy Plant.' Cringe. One of the best things it has is a very unhappy section where plants are reduced and begging for tlc. Some of my best bargains have come from there.

After my friend and I had caught up with each other I went off to get a birthday card. At the till the amount asked for was less than what appeared on the back of the card. Only then did I realise the sale was on and it was 20% off everything.

I know its July. But perhaps this year I will actually do what I have always threatened to do and get Christmas over early. Just the thought of that is making me feel so good. So I am off back tomorrow with Mike to push a very large trolley. Tonight I shall do my Christmas Present buying list. Of course what will happen in reality is the trolley will be full of things I like.......There were some lovely roses I could see from the window of the cafe......

After all it is summer time.


Lynn said...

Yikes - no dust sheets then, you dare devil? I have been decorating this week - it has taken all week to do two walls of a box room. You'd have laughed - I kept thinking - I'll tell Jill about this in my next letter and we'll laugh about this. Decorating post stroke is no laugh but we will laugh - ok?!!
Buy lots and lost of roses tomorrow!

Jill said...

Whats a dust sheet? (!) You should know by now that my motto is "If a jobs worth doing badly its worth doing."