Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Life balanced.

Lets get the boring bit out of the way first.
Zooming round the bedroom with the emulsion. Using it as a primer on the wardrobe doors to be then able to wallpaper them. New handles for the doors been purchased. In a brass finish. Why our predecessors had chrome handles when the entrance door handles are brass - naff. Ceiling light already changed for a brass one. Paint is lovely to use and dries quickly. Much brighter but still more calming. We are going to be posh.

Didnt think I would be redecorating quite so quickly. I had thought it would be a while as it had all been done to present it for sale. But it isnt long before I start to think, "I dont like this colour....."

More interesting stuff. The beach at St.Combs. Looking towards Rattray Head. All these pictures taken yesterday.

This is the cemetery at St.Combs. Fascinating that the head stones face out to sea.

Inverallochy Castle.

After all the being up a ladder I had a stroll round the garden.

My lilies are all in bud and these have flowered. Promised them all they would be in the garden this year, once they have finished flowering. Poor things have been in pots for way too long. Did try explaining its the state of the housing market these days that has caused it!

I think the Alstromeira has to stay in the pot to be brought inside during the winter. It certainly has appreciated some tlc. Although I might be able to put its feet into the soil if I protect it. Must check.

My newly discovered rambling rose is now showing it will have pink flowers. This is another success from us having got rid of the leylandii all along the fence. We didnt know it was there. It is now growing rapidly and in our garden rather than stretching towards the light away from the garden - and the Leylandii.

This is a standard rose in the front garden and has amazing salmon pink blooms. And a scent.

I will leave you with this image of Oyster Catchers gathered on St.Combs beach.

I love Oyster Catchers. They always sound so excited and/or shrieking hysterical laughter.

Never seen so many at once.

Now which room could I decorate with that pale pink and the black and white? Naa cant compete with nature.

Life balanced.

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