Sunday, 3 July 2011

Friends and neighbours.

All ready for friends coming for a meal, plenty of dining areas to choose from. But may well be inside. Although we have had another beautiful hot day. I tidied up the area in front of the shed.

It may not look like it but these bushes have been pruned. Not the right time of year for any serious pruning, but the two evergreen holly genus were going berserk and needed to be brought into line, as they are evergreen I am hoping a bit of short back and sides will not do any serious damage. Or put them into shock.

One of our neighbours visiting the bird feeding station. We often have pheasants visit, though exclusively a Gentleman's Club so far.

A neighbour I could well do without.

Perhaps not being invited into the garden either, but nice to see such pretty neighbours.

I am reliably informed that these neighbours are Scoters.

I guess we all know what this is.

And these. Seals sitting next to Eider Ducks and being dive bombed by an Oyster Catcher.

I did do a wee bit of painting this morning. I did the floor of the verandah and am now about to shower and try to get the paint off me. Ready to be the perfect host for our friends due this evening. Human friends. Well - some of the time.

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