Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Guilty Pleasures.

Not sure why but I do occasionally feel guilty using the internet rather than looking in a book. But when the books do not show what you are looking for, well, whats a girl to do? We have tons of books on wildlife, flowers, trees, mushrooms, butterflies. Last night I pored through all our wildflower books. To no avail. This morning I went on to Google and after a few failures I typed in, 'pheasant cover seed.' And there it was!
It is called Phacelia. Bees love it. It grows up with other plants as part of a seed mixture specifically for pheasant ground cover.
Trying not to think about the reason for doing this, i.e. to shelter pheasants and their young only to be later shot at, its a nice way of doing it I guess. And another guilt to be owned up to, I have instructed Mike to gather seed next time he is in the area on his morning walk. Phacelia is an annual. But I am sure that once growing it will self seed. I just love that colour blue.

This is Meadow Sweet, which though pretty,can stay where it is.

Honeysuckle. Look at the size of that flower. Our cultivated honeysuckle isnt half the size of this one growing wild.

Another Corn Marigold. Nature wins again.

I finally got round to cleaning the dining room and all its many shiny surfaces, which involves damp e cloths and glass e cloths. Vacuuming. Done.

As we dont use the room at all at the moment I forget its there.

I forgot we had a meal in there on Sunday! Guilty.

I should update you on this room. If you remember we have instructed a firm to install a patio door in there, replacing the window. We had a letter from them dated 24th June saying plans had been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council and they will take 'approximately 8 - 10 weeks to process application and a further 2 weeks to issue the relevant approval documentation'. Can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That equals three months does it not? We then have to design and have fitted a decking platform. In October......So we are not going to be stepping outside to watch the sunset until it is too cold to do so. Sheesh.

The weather has become much cooler and the wind is back. Therefore I painted the inside of the shed, well some of it. Feeling guilty yet again that I wasnt up the ladder doing the rear and the other side outside. It wasnt that cold or windy, but I took pleasure in seeing how the Pale Jasmine looked on the inside and listening to the radio. Guilty Pleasures.

When my painting hand began siezing up after about an hour and half I packed in, washed the brushes, and me and then yet more guilty pleasures visited blogland. In fact its all their fault I feel guilty. They do so much more than me! The bloggers are churning out beautiful hand crafted stuff faster than the industrial revolution made the stuff they are now using to make those beautiful handicrafts.

And finally - another guilty pleasure - a glass of wine.



Lynn said...

I wasn't even close then :)

Jill said...

But you tried.***** Five stars.