Thursday, 14 July 2011

Flowers and Feathers and Fleas and Fur.

The plant is an Orange Hawkweed. Hieracium aurantiacum for all you purists. In America and Australia it is looked on with horror. A threat to their own native plants. There were two of them that Mike saw. He will keep an eye on them and if they increase ..... Our Wild Flower book says they are rare, so rare it didnt have a picture. So we werent sure whether to tell the Wildflower Society or Defra!


Mr and Mrs Pheasant. They are not in a pen, we just havent got round to moving the previous owners dog run, which is why the netting is there. Mainly as the kitchen bird feeding station is attached to the fence.

A bird I have yet to see in real life.

A Bullfinch.

After my comments yesterday re cat fleas I went to the vets today to get the flea - and worm - treatments for the cats. A good excuse to get out for a while (and not do any painting, gardening, cleaning.) Another beautiful day. I also dropped off a bin bag crammed with bedding at the Charity Barn near Peterhead.

"Just what we wanted. Have you got any more?"

This little old woman gave her such a glare, and then swallowed the response, "How big a lorry have you got?"

When I can face it I will load up the car and make her day.


Lynn said...

Believe it or not, we had a bullfinch often visiting our garden a couple of years ago. Never had them since though.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Bullfinches from my window at work!
Polly xx

Jill said...

Well thats Tamworth and Lincoln covered. I still have to see one in Buchan. Mike sees them all the time..... no just the one.