Monday, 25 July 2011

You're not such an ugly duckling...

A Mute Swan.

Lesser Black Backed Gull.

Herring Gull.

Hope you are taking all this in as this is a rarity! A Glaucous Gull.

All these taken at the Ugie Estuary in Peterhead this morning.

Mike went off to do the Monday shop, in Peterhead today. Because he also needed to call in to Donalds Emporium. They sell everything and anything. Tucked down the back streets there is this vast amount of buildings in which Donalds offer their wares. Today it was the flooring department. To get a price on the laminate flooring we are to use in the dining room, our bedroom and the downstairs bathroom which will match what we already have everywhere else downstairs.

Price quoted. Price accepted. Gulp. (Believe it or not it was better than the internet.)

The carpet in our bedroom is now all gone, and the underlay, and the gripper stuff and the staples. I dont know why people pay vast amounts to go to gyms - just get stuck in to diy. Get fit, sweat, up your heart beat rate. Seemple.

So we are about ready to nudge the joiner who has quoted for fitting that we are now ready for him to do it. Dont hold your breath. I am still waiting for an electrician to arrive and move a few plug sockets. Six weeks ago he was coming.

I disappeared off in the afternoon to purchase some layers pellets. Mike had been unable to access the shed wherein was the hen and duck food. So I had to go and buy some!

And I called in at Happy Plant to purchase the solar powered water feature. Still in its box in the back of my car. Be patient.

But I also got another bargain. Half price 'bowl' of plants. Crammed full of petunias, fuschias, geranium, diascia and other plants down from £16.99 to £9.99 less 20%.

Fits perfectly into my cauldron/nightwatchmans burner.

This was something I designed and had made by a metal working company some years ago. Story is that I had wanted a chimenia before they became fashionable. Suddenly they were everywhere. So I asked this company to make me a brazier. And I drew the design and they made it. It works well as a wood burning fire for the sitting out area. But it also works well as a display stand for a planter!

So I too am not such an ugly duckling....brain wise ????

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