Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bits and pieces.

Not a nice weather day. Very gloomy in the morning and raining and windy. Not a day when you feel like doing much at all.

Apart from curling up somewhere and

snoozing the day away.

Looking through old photographs..... I found this one of Jigsaw, a cat long gone, but this particular photograph still brings a smile.

Our last two ducks, Smoky Robinson and Jemima Puddleduck. Smoky got took by a fox and left Jemima all alone. As we were on the point of moving house my friend kindly took Jemima to live with her ducks.

We went to visit today. Jemima looked fine in amongst a small flock of Runner ducks.

We are looking after our friend's flock of hens and ducks and their three cats while they go away for a few days. So were receiving our instructions on their feeding routines.

Below, the flock of hens we used to have in our previous home.

No longer on this earth, but under it. Free range eggs for our bed and breakfast guests, when they were free ranging about.

Nowadays we would struggle to eat that many eggs! Sometimes I would pickle the eggs, yummy. Plus a lot more baking of cakes went on when we had guests. Now theres just the two of us. No more hens, no more ducks.

I do miss them though!

The hens sang to you whilst you were gardening, and risked life and limb diving in for a worm you had just dug up, and were just about to slice in to the earth again with the spade! When they ran towards you it was like a woman picking up her skirts. Their triumphant shriek when an egg was laid.

Memories are made of this!

Bits and pieces.

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