Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ups and Downs.

Up came the moon.

Down came me whilst trying to knit this cocoon for daughter number 3 . I have never knitted 'in the round' before and after casting on the required number of stitches I sat and looked at it and could not work out what to do. Onto Google. Watched one of those tortuous videos which stop.......start for a second......then stop, for what seems like an hour.... Then realised the needles I had it was not possible to knit in the round. Not for this pattern, they were too long. I had not realised there were different sizes of circular needles or why. Onto Google yet again, ordered more needles, delivery Tuesday hopefully. As daughter number three isnt due till December not really a problem.

Actually got somethings finished, therefore an up. This is a hat and the back of a cardigan for a three month old, daughter number one. Due September.

These are the chosen colours for the baby cocoon which I should be starting Tuesday.

Deep breaths, well the intention is there, unfortunately my lungs dont work any more. So more a relax of the muscles and breathe out...... So far away from daughters cooking babies.

Now I am not religious but I do remember my early years bible, "Consider the Lilies of the Field...they spin not, they work not, basically they are still beautiful. So hanging on to that idea. I consider the harebells.

Grey Partridges. More of Buchans wild life. An up.

More of an up managed to do more painting in the summerhouse. The sun has been with us all day today.

Mike goes out for his walk at about 5.30a.m. and has become really frustrated at the amount of flies trying to join him. I bought some insect repellant and advised he had a shower after he had had his walk rather than before - and whichever seems to have worked! An up.

So far away from daughters who are cooking babies. So difficult. A down. Wanting to be there and being useful.

Ups and downs.


Making It Vintage said...

Love the baby cocoon knitting pattern, those online video tutorials can be really helpful as I know from experience.

lily x

Jill said...

I just wish they werent so tortuous in down loading, but that could be my laptop. :(