Thursday, 7 July 2011

From 9 til 5....

More like 9 till 3! Fiddly flipping windows. Had had enough by 3p.m.

This image was a bit of a shock to the system. Puzzle cat has very short legs and tends to just thump about on the ground. I have never seen him up a tree before.

It wasnt a very dignified descent but the fact he went up was awesome.

He did this just after I had shoo-ed him out of the summer house as I did not want paw prints on my handiwork.

He then accompanied me around the garden to admire the flowers. These I put a picture on before when they resembled pale paper flowers. The colour has deepened into a lovely pink.

I seem to remember when I discovered what it was that you could dry them, so will have to google again.

These are some of our crop of cherries. As soon as they go red the birds are at them so we are bringing them indoors to finish off ripening on a tray.
Hoping there will be enough for cherry jam.

Your final flower picture of the day is my collection of orchids. I now have two which I have encouraged to flower again so I have widened my collection in the hope I can repeat the success.

The deep pink on the left is one of my successes. There is another there in bud, not sure what colour it will be. The plants act as a bird hide for our viewing of the feeding station outside the kitchen window. A pair of Yellowhammers were added to our list yesterday.

So although today we still had showers and a stiff breeze I dont feel so grumpy and am about ready to pick up the knitting needles and crack on with that.

From 5 til 9?


Lynn said...

Do you ever stop? You put me to shame.

Jill said...

Ah, but who taught me?!

Lynn said...

You're a sweetheart. I think you taught me.