Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Evening all.

Bit late today.
Just got in from Rotary.
We have a challenge from our new President. Remember the bible story about the talents? Well he reminded us, in fact for a while I thought I was back in Sunday School listening to the vicar droning on.
Anyroads our President has given us all a fiver and told us to go forth and multiply.
"Right, nearest street corner then, a fiver should get me fishnet tights."
Not everyone has the same sort of sense of humour as me.
Although my friend N had to be taken out as she couldnt stop laughing.

Mallow in the wild. You really cannot beat Mother Nature. Far nicer than you get at the garden centre. The last one I bought grew so huge it just snapped off at the first breeze. But this little beauty knows how to grow - low and oh so beautiful.

My day has been quite a mixed one. Into Peterhead in the morning. Filled up the car at Morrisons, still the cheapest and you get a shopping voucher - eventually. Battled with the air thing to check my tyres and confirmed one was flat. Reflated it. Then with black hands I went on to the hairdressers.
Now today the weather finally went back to being Summer again. So I am sitting in there for what seemed like hours with tin foil all over my head. The door is wide open as it is so hot and outside are traffic lights and buses and boy racers revving up like mad filling the shop up with fumes!!! What fun.
I went on to one of the dress shops which stocks a petite range. There was a sale on so I bought a pair of trousers and a top and was then asked if I would like a points card in which case I would get 10% off said purchases. Go on then. Another hour stuck in an airless shop while the assistant went back and forth from me to their credit control. Our last address does not exist. Does not exist? Its been there since 1862. The post code is it, there is only one building for that post code. Eventually, with five minutes to spare on my parking ticket, she announced, "He's done it manually." Was I supposed to cheer? 2011 and a house that has stood for all those years and is still standing does not appear on his stupid computer.

DEEP BREATH. Tranquillity.
The water feature sprang into life this morning.

(After Mike had realised he hadnt quite got the connections right.)

Evening all.


C M Flower said...

If you had to get a credit check then I really doubt it was a points card she sold you - but a store card. In which case get your 10% off next time, then pay off and cancel the card - they're the biggest rip off ever,

Jill said...

Fear not daughter dear. The assistant already told me that!