Sunday, 24 July 2011

A CATastrophe!

Remember we are looking after friends' three cats and numerous ducks and hens? Mike does the early morning shift, setting off about 6a.m. He feeds the cats. He lets out the poultry and feeds them, collects the eggs. Comes home. This morning whilst juggling the eggs in his pocket and removing things like keys, so as not to break the eggs, he leaves the keys on the kitchen table, comes out of the house and closes the door. It is a yale lock. And, no, credit cards do not work in getting back in.
After much discussion we are down to using one of our spare cat magnets to open the cat flap placing the bowls with food through the cat flap. Taking off the door to the shed which contains the poultry food, and screwing it back on afterwards. We have one and a half days to go before our friends return. Whether they will still be our friends after this I know not.

On his walk back he was calm enough to take these pictures of the local wild life.

This is how I felt for most of the day.

Stormy seas at Cairnbulg.

And how the weather continues to be. Blustery and grey.

No good sitting and worrying. We went off to Happy Plant in the afternoon. I bought three Christmas gifts for extended family at vastly reduced prices. Which I was well pleased with. Cannot tell you what they were for obvious reasons. Also the Secret Santa for our Bed and Breakfast Group. Although no longer offering b&b I have been retained as Honorary Secretary, mainly as no-one else wants to do it.

For me a white Aquilegia, a good sized healthy plant at £1.49, just because its stopped flowering. The spent flowers are bursting with seeds, so with any luck I shall end up with more than one plant.

I didnt buy any more roses. I came home and enjoyed what we already have.

The mystery rambler continues to slowly open its buds.

Of which there are oh so many.

One thing we did see at the garden centre was a lovely solar water feature which has been on our wish list. We were very sensible however and walked away to think about where we would put it. By the time we got home and had talked about it and its price and the current discount I dont think we care where we would put it.

So fingers crossed it wont be another catastrophe as we are going to buy it!

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Lynn said...

Ok knowing you and knowing your friends - they'll still love you like we all do - you don't get rid of us so readily!!
White aquliegia - lovely - never seen one - I sprinkled the seed of our pink and purples yesterday.
Get the solar water thingy - quick!