Wednesday, 1 June 2011

House and Garden.

Okay it is not orange. Nor is it completely black. Which is what we finally decided on. By Denby. Even the manufacturers are offering big discounts at the moment. One of the emporiums in Fraserburgh had a very good selection on sale. I think it was Jet we had decided on, but once in the shop and viewing it it really just did not have the wow factor. Even with the discount it is still expensive so it had to be right. Then we saw this one and after a lot of trundling round and round the displays, agreement was reached, purchased made, (subsequently I did begin to breathe again - after a few minutes,) and then saw these glasses......

Four have an orange flash and four a green flash. My husband (has he been watching daytime t.v.?) insists these are the very latest for drinking red wine out of. Footless glasses. Now I dont need any encouragement in polishing off a bottle of red wine, but think these might help me to do it even faster than usual. We are now on the hunt for plain black placemats as I have visions of scratched glass table or worse.

These poppies are magnificent. Still a bit windswept in the photograph.

The Paeonies are equally beautiful. I tried to put up the frame for them, but the wind can be so strong here. But what I have discovered is that it is the foliage that flattens and would require reinforcement. The actual bloom can stand up all by itself. I suppose the purists will snort at that. But they seem to be holding their own very well.

Just look at this Rogersii. We managed to bring away some off shoots of the main plant from our previous home. The shoots there will be about eight foot now. But this baby, even in a pot, has bravely sent up a spike of flowers. It is lined up by the fence along with the others to go in the ground, clematis, ivy, hydrangea and quinces. Hopefully to be joined by a Rambling Rector Rose. If only for the name! Having seen a picture of one in my friend Lynn's garden I have to have one.

This archway is at the head of steps leading from out of the kitchen down to the lower part of the garden , and the summer house. It is smothered in clematis, honeysuckle and ivy. There is periwinkle at the base romping away.

I planted out some marigolds that friend Lucy gave me. Some in the garden and the rest into a bowl shaped pot. I noticed most of my seeds have germinated. We are promised a heat wave over the next two days. May have to dig out the sun cream, forget about the painting and get gardening big time.

Our meal yesterday evening was very nice. Beef casserole with a soft meringue effort to follow.

Lucy has retired from Bed and Breakfast. But unlike us she still has paying guests. No, I cant work it out either. There we sat having our meal while 4 Belgians wandered round the garden. Just made me thankful that we have retired properly so I can wander round my own garden and home without falling over anyone else. Apart from a cat.


Lynn said...

Love the crockery - saw stuff like that when looking for the orange and had thought it looked nice. Love the glasses and 'im indoors is right - and no I don't watch too much day time tv - ok I probably do - they reckon those glasses are good for red cos yer hands warm the bowl.
A Rambling Rector will cover the other plants - be warned - think Russian Vine :) I once told our vicar (after a series of far too lengthy sermons) I had found just the rose for him - funny - he didn't laugh when I told him the name - probably why I don't go to church much anymore - lol!!
Love the Lucy retirement story.
Wish we lived a wee bit closer :)

Jill said...

Retire to Macduff?

Lynn said...

No, sorry there's too much I'd miss about England.