Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shorn sheep.

Might be named Shaun I suppose.

A friend has a wee flock of sheep and shears them herself, claims they end up looking like those on the 'Should have gone to specsavers' ad.

Shaun here is up the road with a gang of black face sheep. Its probably Shaunette actually as I think the Shauns become what we see on the supermarket shelves.
We bought another friend, a man who has everything, so is difficult to give presents to, a sheep identification book.

I wish I had bought one for me. There are a lot of sheep around here. And a variety of breeds. I think I bought it from the Lighthouse Museum, so will make another visit. Good excuse for lunch, as their cafe is above the cliffs and the sea.

For a few days now we have had huge triple decker animal transporters crammed full of loudly bleating sheep coming to our road junction and then driving on. Mike reckoned they were off to the hills for the Summer, I said "Abbattoir." Then today it was the huge triple deckers crammed with loudly bleating sheep going back the other way. So what's that about?! Perhaps it was a sheep coach mystery trip.
The above is another example of the amazing technology of today. My third grandchild with his hand over his mouth.
On the knitting front I have ordered the wool for the baby jacket and hat, with hens. This just has to be one of the most expensive baby jackets. £27.50. If I do another one I shall find out an equivalent yarn. Thats for sure. But I want to get cracking so am paying for my haste.

My sister in law has gone home today. This involves spending most of the day on a train criss crossing Scotland.
We went out, yet again, for an evening meal last night. It was very nice and the restaurant overlooks the sea. The service was second to none. Excellent, makes such a difference.

We are both shattered after our few days 'holiday'. Mike has driven miles, walked miles, up mountains, through forests and sailed the sea, up at early light to take her to the train station, he has now crashed out and having a nap......
Me ? Well apart from thinking I should be booking myself into the Priory to dry out or whatever they do there, I am still upright, and considering a hair of the sheep dog.

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