Thursday, 16 June 2011

Housekeepers reward!

Fortunately (?) our postie does not come here till mid afternoon. So I had finished my housework by the time he delivered the wool. I sent for it via the internet, The Wool Shed is in Oyne, Aberdeenshire, but quite a trek away.

The wool, still in it's packaging, just shows I have no idea of colours. I was convinced the other, on the needles, was the same or similar. On the needles cost £3.99 in the packet over £20. It will be interesting to see the difference in quality in the finished garment(s).

I am physically whacked having done the promised whirling dervish act. Everywhere in the house is clean and tidy.

The above is the office, which is upstairs and has a dormer window. We had to get a velux blind for the window as it is so bright up there you could not see the computer screen. The picture on the wall is one of three we found in a drawer here of the house over the years from the sky. Interesting to see, if nothing else, the leylandii growing and growing.

My grandson is now in a bed. So here is where he will be sleeping on his visit this weekend. Its an air bed. With his Mum's teddy.

Mum and Dad will be in this bed.

Down the stairs. (Still has walls to be painted.)

The entrance hall.

Even my work station has had a spruce up. Mike has fitted the full length mirror over the dressing table. I now get a wide angled lens of what is behind me, the window. My smaller mirror has gone up into another of the bedrooms.

Also cleaned to within an inch of their lives, kitchen, dining room, sitting room, both bathrooms, our bedroom and the other bedroom upstairs.

I still have to fine tune the summer house wherein one daughter and partner will be having their boudoir.

And of course, to bring in the toys currently stored in boxes in the garage.

Our youngest daughter is currently tramping round the Isle of Mull. She has seen a White Eagle with chick, otter, pair of Golden Eagles and one of the rarest moths in the world.

Meanwhile we have a first - an American White Winged Scoter. Just down the coast. Thousands of bird twitchers from all over have come to see it. (Though it doesnt look much different to any of the other Scoters it has joined, well not to me anyway.)

Youngest daughter will be re-erecting her tent on one of our bits of lawn when she arrives tomorrow night.

It has been a long time since we had all our four daughters - I cant say under one roof! - at the same time. The family grows larger. Two are pregnant, one already has our grandson, and so there are three outlaws (partners) to add to the equation. I did tell them years ago, " We cant afford weddings, " and they seem to have taken me at my word!

It will be interesting to hear their comments on our new abode. They all - as we did - loved our last home. Also they all think I am a bit mad and this house was very much my choice.

So - tonight, glass of wine without anyone saying, "Mother! " and a peaceful knitting session before they all descend tomorrow. In fact just thinking about it - I'll open the bottle now.


Lynn said...

Hope the party goes well.

lily said...

Phew!!! just reading this post left me exhausted, how do you manage to get so much of the dreaded housework done in one day, I'm seriously in awe.

Love the colour of the packaged yarn, and just wondering if I spy "The little Hens Jacket" on your needles, I seem to be making slow progress with mine, which is one of the reasons I decided to give myself a bloggy break for a while, I'll not be writing any posts for a few weeks but I will be reading others.

Have a lovely visit with your family.

lily x