Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Rain stopped play.

Foolishly decided to go into town first. Such a beautiful day. I needed to buy a pair of jeans as every pair I had had some paint sample or another on them. Always forget to change and just dash out and get cracking. I do wear an old shirt of Mikes but still manage to splatter myself.
However I did get a fair bit done before the sky became greyer and greyer and then down came the rain.
What you cannot see from the picture is that I have also painted underneath the verandah roof, and the last panel on the left of the underside of the roof is still brown as thats where I packed in.

All three cats on my bed. Not often they share a sleeping platform. Do you think they measure the gap between them!

As they were all snoring their heads off the bird table and feeders were packed. These are Siskins of which we have quite a few visiting.

A Magpie. Mike has tried repeatedly to get a photograph but they are canny birds and are off before he can get focussed. This time he was successful.

Just long enough to take the picture - and then it was off.

We had a pheasant in the garden today. Sitting on top of the compost heap and then pootling about. Our cats did appear in the garden - it was their tea time - and being used to hens and ducks, and pheasants come to that, they took no notice. Of course I was up the ladder without a camera. Huh. Now that would have been a good picture.

Problems today with uploading pictures, but 'they' have obviously sorted it out.i will make sure I have the camera round my neck when I next go up the ladder, so no doubt that will end up the same colour as the shed. Must remember to put old jeans on.

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