Monday, 6 June 2011


This is the book I borrowed from the library and somehow lost. We can only think it got gathered up with the papers to recycle. This was just after we had moved in here and things were a bit chaotic. But I was mortified. I ended up buying it from an Amazon bookseller for £20 plus post and packing. It only cost £7.50 new, and is secondhand. Sheesh. I now have to gird up my loins and go and face the librarian.
My other book purchase was far, far cheaper and is for me.
It was mentioned on Lily's blog, 'Making it Vintage'.
This is the pattern which she was making and I loved it. I remember when my own girls were small knitting something very similar.

I love it as it isnt pink or blue or at all babyish. It has little chickens in the pockets and on the hat. I have been knitting a cot blanket on and off for some time which is autumnal colours. I picked it up one evening here and found my hands worked okay after a while. My right hand is quite deformed with lumps and bumps and fingers going in odd directions. My Mother had the same. It doesnt hurt at all, just doesnt work very well. Fortunately my left hand is fine and I use it for opening bottles and screw top lids although I am right handed.

I may have to get the wool from the internet as strangely enough there are few wool shops aroond and aboot.

I have had another day of solitude. Yummy. Mike and his sister have gone on the Puffin, a small ex fishing boat,which cruises along the coast. You get to see all manner of sea birds and hopefully dolphins, porpoises and sometimes a whale.

The other main event of the day is that Kevin, the joiner, arrived and has measured up for laminate flooring throughout the ground floor where it isnt. Also to replace the internal doors. This will probably be the most expensive work we have done here but it must be done. The flooring because of the cats.

Should explain here, cats do get fleas and although we treat them regularly, flea eggs get laid down the edges of carpets, laminate floors get vacced and then mopped - no eggs. I learnt this the hard way and had the shame of Environmental Health coming in with masks on to fumigate the flat I was then living in which had become infested.

Also one of our cats, despite a cat scratch post, thinks the carpet is just for him to sharpen his claws on.

And the doors changing because I hate what we have and if I cant have this, last, house as I like it - well!

This picture below is the sunset last night.

Picture taken from the dining room window. Soon to be a patio door. I am looking forward to my evenings sitting in there, knitting and reading, if I am allowed to continue borrowing library books that is.

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