Friday, 10 June 2011

Another day over.

The Land of the Big Sky - never lets you down. What a magnificent artist Nature is. Sunset last night.

Well, bit of a come down, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! All part of life's rich pattern. A dung heap in case you haven't guessed. Courtesy of the beasts now in the fields, Cairness Home Farm.

Shaunette looks to be ridding herself of her coat. While junior grows his. Pair of posers though!

A guillemot paddling and flapping furiously to get out of the way of the boat chugging towards it. This was Monday's boat trip for Mike and his sister.

At last! I manage to persuade an orchid to bloom again. (After many failures.) Plus I have another with buds on. My friend 'I love Lucy' has hers lined up on the kitchen window sill. So in this house I have followed suit and it seems to be paying off.

Today I continued painting the hallway. I will be doing under the 'open' stairs next and then life becomes difficult. I am trying to work out a safe way to do up the stairs. Plank on step ladder ? But we have a 'dog leg' staircase...I am sure I will work out a way - probably rig up a trapeze!

Mike has put up the plant troughs on the fence after filling them with the lovely plants from Moira. He has biked to the coast and along this afternoon. Also announced his trousers are too big now, so its working!

We are watching the blue tits feed their babies, only two, which were laid and brooded in a nest box in our bit of the garden which I havent therefore photographed or commented on. In fact I dont really know whats there, but will have a good explore now they have fledged. Our nest box in our previous home, in which we had a camera, had far more babies than two. Perhaps they are new at the game, or old! Also baby sparrows, house sparrows. Previous home were all tree sparrows. We were visited by a sparrow hawk today who posed beautifully right up until we had the camera focussed and then was off....just as we clicked. Ho hum.

Also on the bird feeders, greenfinch, dunnock, chaffinch, magpie, starling, blackbird, crow, jackdaw, great tit, coal tit - you go to the sink to empty the mop bucket and then stand there transfixed for the next ten minutes.


Time to open the wine. Another day over.

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