Monday, 13 June 2011

A wet day.

I guess the forecast people would call them showers. Heavy showers. I have worked out that if it is not continuous rain they call it showers. When you get totally soaked through to your skin from library door to car door one does consider it more a deluge.
So I finally returned to Cairnbulg Library to own up having recycled a library book. In with the paper recycling.... But I could present them with a replacement purchased via Amazon at great expense.
So I was allowed to borrow some more books.

Hopefully I will imbibe the wisdom within. We have quite a few nice shrubs that have not been cared for in the last couple of years, also roses, so I intend to regenerate and make beautiful once more. Some assiduous pruning. Some inspiration. And more knitting .
In between the rain showers Mike put up the garden clock I bought the other day. The other side of the clock displays the temperature.

The hook at the bottom is for a fat ball holder!

We were visited today by the surveyor from the company who are to instal our patio door in the dining room. He had to survey the whole house! And will eventually provide the planning department with the architectural drawings they require before giving us permission to proceed. Goodness me.

Now here is something for you to enjoy.

Photograph by Jodie Randall, rspb images.

Not an Ugly Duckling! And doesnt care whether its a wet day or not.

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