Saturday, 25 June 2011

Red Sky at Night..

Well, all I can say is there is one very upset Shepherd round here.

Yesterday I was boiling hot whilst outside weeding and planting the Solomon's Seal. The weather pundits promising a three day heat wave - so what happened then. Cold, windy and wet is what we have had for most of today, not impressed.

Mike still managed his morning walk. This is a Sedge Warbler.

Jackdaws mobbing a crow.

A friendly cow.

This morning the great garden designer of the house went through his plans for our wee plot. Lets just hope we win the lottery. At one point I asked if this was a ten year plan to which he replied, "No, all done next week." Ha ha.... Paths, steps, decking, at least two ponds, one wildlife and one ornamental, bridge over one of them.

Its taken him the rest of the day, between showers, to weed a clump of buttercups out of the front garden.

When I mentioned chopping a bit of the ilex hedge down, "Give us a chance."

So I am not too worried about the bank balance being decimated just yet.

Meanwhile I have been concentrating on the indoor stuff. I rescued some knitting, having learnt the lesson the hard way, of not following a pattern becoming tricky after a couple of glasses of wine. I ordered, on line, some lovely wool to make baby cocoons for the incubating grandchildren. (Many thanks Tina for the web site.)( (The pattern was free via

I was outdoors first thing in the wind and drizzle to collect my car - and its MOT certificate. Crimond Motors are first class. Our previous garage we wouldnt see the car for three weeks whatever it went in for.

Back on the computer to get the tax disc.

Out again to collect a bra purchased and ordered so long ago I had forgotten what it was like. Life in the slow lane in North East Scotland.

Back home and friends here having coffee.

And now the sun is shining.

Mike is back out digging out the buttercup.

Tomorrow is our Rotary Club's Duck Race.

So lets hope the sunset tonight is awesome and Mother Nature heeds the message, Red Sky at Night is the Shepherd's Delight - and mine.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the joys of trying to get outdoor jobs done! Rain keeps stopping play for my hubby too, bah humbug! :)

Hope you like your new yarn when it arrives. The colours tend to be a bit brighter than shown on the website...probably should have warned you about that! The quality is great though and it knits up and washes really well! :)