Thursday, 30 June 2011

Like watching paint drying....

I do hope you are not getting bored with watching this (slow) transformation of our shed. I sometimes watch the programme 60 minute makeover. Firstly I do not believe all those people crammed into one house could actually do anything without falling over each other, spilling paint, eyes elbowed etc. Secondly I cannot see how the things they do can be done properly. I imagine once the people who own the house move back in all the kitchen collapsing around them and the wallpaper slowly peeling off the walls.
So this is not a 60 minute makeover, though I think I should be finished in less than 60 days! Despite the weather person saying it would rain, it didnt. But having learnt the lesson yesterday I was outside first thing and up the ladder.

The front is now done. I am halfway down the right hand side. If it does rain tomorrow I now have the interior paint which is called Pale Jasmine, Cuprinol. I now have a growing concern as to how I am going to do the roof! Most sheds have roofing felt. This shed/summerhouse has a wooden roof. Somehow or another I am going to have to go up there......

The above are some of the wooden seed trays I obtained some years back from a fellow freecycler. In between going up and down the ladder I painted a side of one or two with some vague idea of making them a decorative feature. Since having them I have used them mainly for holding wee pots wherein I have planted seeds. Easy to move a few pots altogether. But as I keep seeing them in magazines (at fantastic prices I might add) I thought I would display them somehow, though so far the brain hasnt gone further than painting them a tasteful colour.

Here is Sith wondering where the hedge has gone. Being watched closely by Puzzle Cat and both probably asking the question is this a cat litter tray or not?

Removal of the hedge gives us this, vastly improved, view of our garden. And so much more light into the dining end of the kitchen.

Enough of domestic issues.

You may well have to click on this picture. A Willow Warbler with a gob full of insects.

Moorhen sorting out the feathers.

And then admiring the reflection of the wash and brush up results.

I was asked last night at Rotary how I was enjoying retirement. I had to think. And realised I am still charging in, hurtling around like a mad woman so as to get things done before guests arrive. That is still the mind set. But there are no guests, not paying ones, so it really does not matter how long I take.

And if I want to sit and watch paint dry - I can.

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lily said...

Hi Jill, your summerhouse is looking fabulous and your garden is so spacious, lovely photo's of the wildlife.

lily x