Friday, 3 June 2011

It is SUMMER time!

It would seem the heat goes to some peoples heads in their choice of appropriate clothing.
My turn to fetch the newspaper. So, five minute drive along the coast to the supermarket.
I didnt know where to look - or not to look.
Do these people look in a mirror before venturing out?
I have always been careful to conceal bra straps, or at least ensure the bra matches the outer garments. One woman had a bright green bra with a very skimpy white t shirt on top. I wouldnt have bothered with the t shirt, although it did just cover her considerable midriff. No way did it cover the bra. There was one chap in large, baggy shorts, and a woolly hat on (?) I really thought I was either still asleep and dreaming
or on a comedy film set.
So much flesh literally bouncing around. When one woman went past looking cool and lovely- and covered - I felt like applauding.

This is Astrantia Major. I identified it in my Royal Horticultural Society Perennial Guide. Its growing in the front garden in between two paeonies. The flowers are paper like. You have to look twice to realise it has a flower.

This is a wild rose in the woods where Mike walks.

As is this foxglove.

We have had another very hot day. 25 degrees. Hottest place in Europe.

It was certainly hotter than that where I was continuing the battle against the Ground Elder. I only lasted half an hour. Equalling half a trug full of the stuff. Instead of my usual three trugs full, before collapsing. Found another shrub which should now be able to flourish. A rose that hasnt been pruned properly and another rose that has got buds on.

Mike managed to remove a hawthorn bush, which must have been planted by the birds. This means I can now continue in that direction again. My wounds have just about healed.

The forecast is for the weather to become cooler tomorrow so I hope to crack on and get more of this border sorted. As I was looking to identify the Astrantia I saw lots of yummy plants in the perennial book- so it might be a toss up between weeding or trip to the garden centre.

Mindst you, dont you think if you have a new thing it gives you the energy to make the room? Its like buying a new item for the sitting room, you just have to dust like fury to set it off right. Hmm. Think the trip to the garden centre. At least people will be dressed appropriately there, surely?

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