Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Wow Factor?

I mentioned some blogs back about the huge new builds dotted around the area in which we now live. Mike went on his bike to Inverallochy/Cairnbulg and along the coast to St.Combs and came across these two. Personally I think the architect should have been shot.

Normally Aberdeenshire Council is very, very careful to ensure any building conforms with the Buchan Countryside 'norm'. Which is granite, think dolls house, door in the middle, windows either side. I will try and get some photos up on here that illustrate what I am trying to say. How these two got through the planning process I know not. Perhaps the Planning Department don't know they are there! This second one looks like something you would find in Essex. The top one should be on an Austrian hillside.

This hen and her chicks are owned by one of the chaps who took down our leylandii.

A deer in the middle of a field of Barley.

I decided to give my lungs a rest today. I was quite wheezy last night. And going under the stairs, which would be quite enclosed, with paint and a brush didnt seem such a good idea.

I went off to our local garden centre, claims to be the biggest garden centre in the North East. It also sells knitting wool and needles.

So along with the herbs I bought, I also bought a couple of 250 gramme balls of wool and some needles.

The herbs were rosemary, tarragon, mint and lovage. We have an old oval shaped tin bath. This has moved with us many times and this time I am determined to bite the bullet and get some holes drilled in the bottom and create a herb garden in it. I have grown coriander from seed, and chives and dill. I already have, in pots, sage, thyme and a bay. I just have to work out a good position for the bath, get Mike to drill the holes, and then put in the compost mixed with some grit and plant it up. The mint will be in a pot (hidden under the soil) so it does not take over.

By the time I got home the clouds were gathering and it began to rain.

So - after a bit of ironing and cleaning, getting the boring stuff out of the way, I cast on.

Hopefully, the end result will also have the wow factor.

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