Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back to normal!

Dan's present to me - the demolished coal bunker. Took him about half an hour! It is just about underneath the kitchen window. Count along, next window is the bathroom, next is the dining room which will be a patio door soon, and outside it will be a decking platform . Now the bunker has gone I have another bit of garden to plan for! Once Mike decides where the blocks of concrete are to be moved to that is. And the last bits removed from the wall. This is an area of the garden that catches the sun early morning and then in the evening. So a bit of a poser. Suggestions most welcome.

These are two of the house warming presents we gratefully received. A far bigger buddlea than the ones I have planted, so hopefully,with more chance of survival. Plus, my favourite flower, a pot of lilies. I now have quite a collection of lilies and they are all in pots. When we decided we were going to move, a couple of years ago, I decided to pot up my lilies ready for the move. Not knowing it was to take quite so long. But they have survived, even the minus 16 we had last winter, albeit much smaller than they would be if they had their feet in the soil. Yet another garden project. Locating a space, may well have to create a garden bit by digging out some of the lawn. Although, just had a light bulb moment - if I create enough shelter they could be in the centre bed. Middle of the lawn. Hmmm.

Here is a sparrow stuffing its beak. There were about six of them here before the camera was pointed!

At last, one of our own pictures, not from Google, of a Jackdaw, on the fence, just waiting his moment to vacuum up food on the bird table.

Albeit standing on top of a dung heap, a pretty image, a skylark singing. Wasnt 'Lark Ascending' one of the most voted for pieces of music? (Desert Island Discs). I doubt they thought the notes would be soaring upwards from a pile of s***.

So the last two members of the family departed this morning. Off to Lincoln. Well, actually three members as there is a baby due December. I have requested birth coincides with the Lincoln Christmas Market, and hope we wont be snowed in as we were that time last year.

Mike went off to restock. I began filling the washing machine, emptying it, well you know the score.......

Vacced, mopped, cleaned - was it really my idea to have a glass dining table? Polished the chairs - was that really my idea to have shiny chairs? To be fair it doesnt take long with the fanta-astic eco cloths. They are amazing. An old fashioned duster just spreads it about, eco cloths - dust gone. Ditto the ones you use wet, muck gone, and the glass polishing ones - well - try them.

Wine glass at the ready. Back to normal.

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