Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Grey Heron. Taken by Mike at Strathbeg.

Oyster Catcher. Just love these birds. They sound so excited when they call as the fly. They like to nest in stony parts, on the ground usually. Aberdeen has the most pairs nesting in Europe - on roofs! A lot of building some years back and for cheapness they had flat roofs which they put gravel on top. The Oyster catchers just love the roofs. There are some problems when the chicks hatch and sometimes fall off before they can fly, but there is a dedicated person who you can phone and he goes and puts them back.

My nest - with work station. Bit of a mismatch at the moment as it is to be completely redecorated. Cannot stand the doors on the built in wardrobes. (On the left). I shall be asking the decorator, when he eventually shows, if they can be painted. Otherwise it will be the joiner, when he eventually shows, to replace them. The pictures arent placed right, just up for safety. Ditto the mirror.

Here is Sith, halfway up the stairs looking worried. I probably had the vacuum out.

Which I did today. And the mop, And the iron.

You can see in this picture the offending shiny wallpaper that is to be painted over, once I get back to Focus for the right colour....

Mike has cut the grass and is positioning the plants by the fence as we speak.

We are out for our tea tonight.

Lucy has never forgiven me for having gone to someone elses house for a meal before going to hers, since we retired. But she didnt ask! So just hoping I do not get the third degree or have to score her out of ten as opposed to the meal we had before. But I bet I do. I am really not worth fighting over.

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