Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Don't it make you feel good!

The Sun I mean. At last - after hearing about those poor people down South suffering in the heat wave, due to get flash flooded any minute, we finally have our turn, though they can keep the floods.
It was so, so pleasant to get up this morning, knowing exactly what I was going to do. Whilst the outside heated up a bit I did a second coat on the interior 4 panels I had begun in the shed.
Then came the next on the list of 'work in progress' as I began to transform the outside.

Not a good colour reproduction. Its a muted shade of green called Wild Thyme by Cuprinol.
After a while I began to think I had made a big mistake using emulsion on the interior as the paint enhanced the beauty of the wood. I decided not to do any more with the emulsion but buy a tin of the cream in the Cuprinol range and finish off the interior with it. Either way I hope you agree its a vast improvement on Red Cedar.
Inside there are window seats and I would like to make cushions for them. I shall be sourcing deckchair type striped fabric, so if anyone knows where I should be looking please tell me.

As it was sunny and very warm in between painting I pottered round the garden. Now I planted these bulbs but cannot for the life of me remember what they are. I have a habit of sending off for collections of plants, where the offer is you only pay the postage. In the collection there is usually one I do not recognise or the nursery are trying to get shut of more like. So, no idea, once it has finished flowering I shall find somewhere in the garden to plant it. I am not that keen on yellow flowers.
The next one is going berserk in a border and I know this is Yellow Loosestrife. Good for bees. But it can take over so some will be coming out.

This is more of the paper like flower growing in the front border. This one is more pink than that one. I did find out what it was called, but have promptly forgotten.

This the unusual peony.

This the 'Mock Orange' Philadelphus (?) which is still being strangled by the holly hedge.

It is smothered in buds just beginning to open and giving off the most heavenly scent.

Mike has spent most of the day chopping up the holly he has removed. Before continuing the slaughter.

The front garden now has the perennial plants, I bought yesterday, planted.

They should spread and fill the garden in the Summer. Prior to their arrival there were Spring bulbs, which will also be added to.


My wool arrived. Very impressed with the service. Tina did warn me the colours were much brighter in real life and indeed they are.

These two look fine together, but I should have a third for the pattern.

So which do I choose?

As I still have a baby cardigan and hat to finish I have plenty time to decide. Or even send off for some more wool. Hmmm. Decisions.

Better not start any more work in progress thats for sure.

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