Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Across the field.

This wee croft is what we can see from our kitchen window. It doesn't get dark now till late in the evening as we head for the longest day - 21st June - and our wedding anniversary.

This is a turtle dove sitting on our, now defunct, coal bunker.

We are getting an amazing variety of birds at our feeding stations.

Yet another pond.

What you cannot see from this picture is the bird hide. Not for watching so much as shooting. Not sure what the difference is between a gamekeeper pegging out a pigeon to entrap a bird of prey, for which he got fined heavily and has to do work in the community, to creating a pond for ducks and then blasting them to kingdom come.

I have had another day of achieving little! And with so much to do for the weekend onslaught of friends and family. Tomorrow I shall be a whirling dervish - promise.

Today was my six weekly trip to the hairdressers for "A guid inch off."

I normally have an afternoon appointment but was asked to come in early, at noon. This totally threw me, as I had to have lunch very early, and once in my going to town clothes did not want to get involved in anything where I got mucky which is one of the easiest things I can do. I know, any excuse. And what a beautiful day it has been, warm, sunny and no wind. Not conducive to sitting in the hairdressers.

After I had been woken up after the shampoo and head massage it didnt take long to be out of the door again.

The only other highlight of my day was buying my grandson a potty. And a seat to fit on a toilet seat and a step to get up there. Its about the only place ever that I sit with my feet on the floor. I fully expect , one of these days, falling out of the chair in the hairdressers. It isn't easy keeping your balance when you have your chin on your chest while she performs the fine tuning at the back.

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