Tuesday, 14 June 2011

So what have you done today?

We will deal with last night first. I love Lucy's partner, Sandy, came with friend to remove an old metal oil tank. This was in situ when we moved in, despite their being a new plastic one. The old metal tank was behind the garage. The new one is tucked away, tastefully shrouded by large shrubs. Sandy said he would remove the metal one and use it as an incinerator. Hmm, suppose he knows what he is doing. Initially he said he would cut it up, til I said I did not want to see my house going up in flames. If there was any oil left in the tank and a spark from a cutting machine hit it, well, just imagine. "Nae bother, " said Sandy.
You will be aware of how the pyramids were built? It is believed the slaves/workers used huge tree trunks to roll the stone from whence it was quarried to the desert? So - levers were created from planks of wood and eventually the tank was out of its 'bund' and on the ground.

Not sure how many hours later, during which Mike's car was used to tow it up the garden, it was, with a great deal of effort, placed onto the trailer. Upon which it perched. This trailer was attached to a very small Fiat.

And off Sandy and his friend went. Very slowly. About an hour later Lucy phoned to ask if they had left. Now it takes about ten minutes to get from here to there so Mike was on the point of going to find which ditch they were in when Lucy phoned back. Spitting blood I think is the term.

"I'm nae having that thing in my garden." Well, I dont want it back.

The above is what is called a bund. The tank sits on top of the wall inside. The bund is to catch any spills of oil should the tank spring a leak.

This happened at our previous house. We had just had the tank filled when it gave up the ghost and £600 of liquid gold sank into the earth. We didnt have a bund.

Not sure what to do with this walled bit. If we make it into a garden we could have problems with damp. Mike says we'll knock it down. The rate at which jobs round here (dont) get done I will have plenty time to think about it.

I have had a day of not achieving very much. We have two bedrooms upstairs. Shower room and office.

The house is described as one and half storeys, which description always baffled me, till I came to live here. Basically it means that upstairs is smaller in floor space than downstairs. Ceilings are 'combed' pronounced coombed. Which means you are stuck for space to put a wardrobe as the ceilings slope at the front and back. No room for huge bed headboards either!

As we have family arriving at the weekend and two daughters, their partners and one grandchild will be using the two upstairs bedrooms I had to start to get them ready.

Counting up the pillows still in their removal box I got a grip and filled a dustbin bag for charity. Also another bin bag of bedding I would not use here. I made piles of towels for each person. One daughter will be in her tent in the garden as she is coming here from camping on the Isle of Mull. The other daughter and her partner will be camping out also, in the summer house.

Rooms upstairs almost done, need cleaning and tweaking.

Then my mind went to the Summerhouse. We have bought a blow up double bed, you just plug it into the mains and up it goes. All ready to go, including bedding. But what about the eight windows and french doors? This is where I ground to a halt. On to the internet. Blinds. Or should I use some of my fabric and sew a few curtain rings on bash a few hooks in? I am fearful of my sanity as I just could not make a decision. Notebook full of measurements I gave up. There is no-one to look in to the summerhouse, but one always wants to do ones best for guests be they family or whoever. But my mind went into ever decreasing circles so I gave in. And asked myself , "What have you done today?"

And decided not to answer.

There are fields with horses in all around the North East of Scotland. But we never saw anyone riding a horse. We often commented on this whilst driving past a field full of horses. However, here, we actually have them trotting past the house. Many years ago I had a horse. Happy Days. Happy memories.

These lovely chestnut horses are just up the road.

Bit of bling. It seems around here it is de rigeur to have a pond in your garden. Been there, bought the t shirt. But not quite as big as this one.

Or this, which is just across the road.

The following picture is not of a garden pond.

The North Sea, Cairnbulg. This morning. It's a seal.

And finally - a bit of excitement. A lady came along with a parcel from Amazon. Well, I know I am getting forgetful and Mike even more so but we could not either of us remember anything we had ordered. But there it was - his name, our address, so we accepted it.

A serving bowl to match our new dinner service, called Halo. From Mike's sister. She said it was either that or a compost bin. Not sure a compost bin would have looked this good on the dining table.

So what have I done today.

Written a very long blog.


Lynn said...

Glad you have - written a very long blog :)

Jill said...

Hopefully a letter after the weekend.