Thursday, 23 June 2011

A walk around the garden.

Outside the kitchen door and patio door a hebe, which a few weeks ago looked as if it had lost the will to live, suddenly burst forth in blue blossom.

The dark red shrub is Berberis Thunbergii, and has very sharp thorns. I remember planting a hedge of these when we lived on a cul de sac where the local kids loved to kick their ball into the front garden, until the hedge grew - ha!

This is a part of the garden which is to the left of the house looking at it front on. Some large conifers and other evergreens. Blue tits hatched in the nest boxes there so the area has been left to its own devices and Mike hasnt cut the grass there either. Bit of a jungle but if you look at it from the outward direction it is still quite attractive.

In the front garden are three large clumps of lavender, different colours which is nice. Hope to 'catch' them at the right time for drying, which I need to check on, but probably right now!

There are quite a few rose bushes around, all badly pruned, if at all, and most with shoots growing up from the base which should have been taken out, and one even has a bramble taking the life from the rose. Some have struggled to bloom and deserve a fighting chance. Which they will get.

I am quite an ignoramus on roses, but recognised they have been badly treated. I shall be poring over my pruning books I borrowed from the library. I certainly do not want to seal their fate.

The picture below is of London Pride. I love this plant as it brings back memories of my birth place, Yorkshire. I was so pleased to find this flourishing here and hope to be able to split it and put it in other places.
If you look closely there is a darker pink flower, tucked under the ivy hedge, which I think is an Azalea.

Oh dear, the Hostas are full of holes. Certainly have lots of snails around but from looking at these there are also plenty slugs. Almost tempted to get some ducks again.

Another beautiful rose that has managed to bloom. I cant wait to see how much more beautiful they will be next year after some tlc.

Another of my favourite plants, Cranesbill. Again a real pleasure to find this growing here.

And finally, a, to me, unusual peony.

By the time I realised it was there and was different to all the others most of its blooms were going over. But is a lovely paler pink and has this yellow centre.

The garden is blooming.

The reason for this meander around the garden was that I had set off outside to pot on basil and parsley both of which are going berserk, both supermarket pots. Our kitchen window is obviously a good place for orchids and herbs. When I got outside I remembered I had used all the potting compost in the herb bath. I also needed compost for two outdoor pots as Mike had bought some Canna Lilies to go either side of the front door. So he was off to buy the compost. I then suggested he buy two new pots with some vouchers we had been amassing from various friends and called in to Moiras for some plants to go with the Cannas. So that was him gone for the afternoon and me back to loading up the washing machine. Still trying to catch up with all the bedding used over the weekend. And a meander round the garden in between loading the machine and pegging out what had been washed.

I often have days like these where I set off to do things and am then thwarted.

Another for instance was my first task of the day to tax my car online. Only to be refused as there was not a current MOT certificate. Panic, it ran out in May........ The lovely, lovely, garage man at Crimond said to bring it in after lunch, which I did, few bits and pieces it will be ready tomorrow. Phew.

Am off out in the garden, just to look, darent start anything else in case I find theres something else I have forgotten.

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